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Personnel Licensing Process 

Applications with fees must be submitted together.  Applications submitted without the required fee will be returned to the applicant.  ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

An individual can file an application for licensure as a MFR, EMT, EMT-Specialist (AEMT) (Effective 4/1/13), or Paramedic by:

  • Completing a Michigan course within the last 2 years and be Nationally Registered;
  • National Registry status if you are currently nationally registered and have NOT been licensed in another state, or you have completed a Military education course;
  • Reciprocity/Endorsement if you are currently licensed in another state and are currently nationally registered or have been nationally registered in the past;
  • EMT-Specialist ONLY: apply to downgrade current license to either a EMT/MFR or upgrade to the new EMT-Specialist (AEMT) by completing the Michigan Bridge Course;
  • Re-licensure if your license has expired within the last three years

Your application will not be complete until the State has received the proper verifications, i.e., course completion from your Michigan Education Program Sponsor, licensure from out of state licensing agency, military course completion from appropriate military branch, successfully passing the National Registry examination from the National Registry. 

Once licensed by the State of Michigan, it is not necessary to retain the National Registry certification for license renewal or re-licensure.  Michigan uses the National Registry for examination purposes only.  Once you are licensed all licensees are required to complete the continuing education mandated by the State.  Being Nationally Registered does not exempt you from complying with the continuing education requirements for renewal of your Michigan license.

You must be at least 18 years of age to make application . 

Refer to the instructions contained in the Licensing Application Packet for more information on how to apply. 

Personnel Continuing Education Requirements

12/5/14 Memo to ALL Providers: Changes to CE Requirements Effective with 12/31/16 License Renewals

During the three-year period of your licensure, you must either accrue Michigan approved continuing education credits, or complete a Michigan approved refresher course equivalent to your level of licensure in order to qualify for license renewal.  In addition, a copy of your CPR card meeting basic life support standards for a professional provider, as set forth by the American Heart Association and published in "Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care", is required.  Acceptable CPR cards are as follows: American Heart Association, American Red Cross, ASHI, and AAOS/ESCI.  Additionally, ANY CPR certification that is done completely online WILL NOT be acceptable.  One practical CE credit will be awarded in the Medical Category for proof of certification.

PLEASE RETAIN COPIES OF ALL RECORDS FOR A PERIOD OF ONE YEAR AFTER THE EXPIRATION DATE OF YOUR LICENSE.  These documents verifying continuing education may be requested by the Department for audit purposes.


Credit Requirements :  (See category minimums and practical credit minimums listed below) 

MFR:                15 credits total                          Specialist/AEMT:  36 credits total
MT (Basic):     30 credits total                          Paramedic:           45 credits total

Credit category 



EMT Specialist



Lecture or Practical 


Lecture or Practical 


Lecture or Practical 


Lecture or Practical 




















Patient Assessment 



























Special Considerations 


















Sub Totals





Balance any category 










Approved practical credits must be identified on the credit certificate (or chit). 

Special Considerations Category: All levels must have specific Pediatric credits as identified in the above chart.  Other Special Consideration credits may include Geriatrics, Special Needs, or Assessment Based Patient Management.

Operations Category: All levels must have a minimumof 1 Emergency Preparedness (L or P) credit.

Approved practical credits MUST be identified on the credit certificate (Chit).

Credit Options: 

(1)   A number of standardized courses, such as BTLS and ACLS, are pre-approved for lecture and practical credits.  The "Standardized EMS CE Credit Guide" on our website at provides detailed course credit information. 

(2)   Documentation of clinical activities by your employer or Medical Control Authority will allow one Preparatory practical credit for every ten (10) patient IV starts and one Airway/Ventilation practical credit for every ten (10) patient ETT's that you have successfully completed (maximum of 2 credits per category). 

(3)   Any EMS program approved by CECBEMS shall be considered a Michigan-approved continuing education program. 

(4)   MFR's completing an EMT course may be awarded all the required continuing education credits for the MFR level.  EMT and EMT-Specialist completing a Paramedic course may be awarded all the required continuing education credits for either the EMT or EMT-Specialist level.  An EMT completing an EMT-Specialist course may be awarded specific credits as outlined in the "Standardized EMS CE Credit Guide". 

(5)   Continuing education credit may be awarded for CE Programs approved by the Michigan Boards of Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine, Nursing, or Pharmacy toward your EMS license if directly related to the emergency medical scope of practice, as determined by the Department.  These credits need to be submitted prior to renewal for Department Approval. 

(6)   Continuing education credits may be awarded for academic credits related to EMS.  Refer to Administrative Rule 22326 (7) and (8) for more specific detail.

(7) Continuing education credits may be awarded for programs offered by out-of-state or military-sponsored EMS agencies.  These credits need to be submitted prior to renewal for Department Approval. 

Instructor Coordinator Initial Education Requirements

Effective October 1, 2007, the administration of the Instructor-Coordinator (IC) Examination will be conducted by the Michigan Department of Community Health, EMS Section.  A memo detailing these changes was mailed to all Instructor-Coordinator Program Sponsors on September 21, 2007, and is included below for reference.

An IC Exam Reservation Form was also included with the memo and must be received prior to the first day of the month of the exam date you select.  This form is located under the Forms & Publications link below 

9/21/07 IC Examination Administration Memo 

Instructor Coordinator Licensing Process

5/22/07 Changes to Instructor Coordinator Licensing Requirements 
Public Act 568 - Amends Section 20950 of the Public Health Code regarding Instructor Coordinator Licensing Requirements 

Instructor Coordinator Continuing Education Requirements

The IC must document thirty (30) credits of continuing education which must be earned during the three years your license is in effect.  An application for license renewal will be mailed to you approximately 90 days prior to your license expiration.  Documentation of your continuing education must be maintained for one (1) year following license renewal.  You must submit copies of your records ONLY upon request of the department.


There are three methods in which an Instructor-Coordinator (IC) license may be renewed: 

(1) Successfully complete a Department-approved instructor-coordinator refresher program;

(2) Accrue thirty (30) credits in Department-approved professional development continuing education;

Instructional Techniques 

Measurement & Evaluation 

Education Administration 

    Minimum 6 

    Minimum 6 

    Minimum 6 

    Maximum 12 

    Maximum 12 

    Maximum 12 


(3) Accrue thirty (30) credits through a combination of 20 professional development continuing education and 10 educational performance credits. 

Part A: Professional Development Credits.   A minimum of twenty (20) credits for professional development through 
Department-approved instructor coordinator continuing education programs are required. 

Instructional Techniques 

Measurement & Evaluation 

Education Administration 

    Minimum 3 

    Minimum 3 

    Minimum 3 

    Maximum 9 

    Maximum 9 

    Maximum 9 


Part B: Performance Credits.  In addition to the 20 credits required in Part A; 10 credits are required in at least 2 of the following categories:


EMS INSTRUCTION: Maximum of 7 credits.  One (1) credit for every four (4) hours of instruction (initial, refresher, or continuing education).  Proof: CE Rosters, I.C. credit slip, course syllabus, etc. 

EXAMINATION EVALUATION: Maximum of 7 credits.  One (1) credit for every two hours in which you assist as a skills examiner for a State approved practical exam.  Proof:  Credit slip from Regional Coordinator 

COURSE COORDINATION: Maximum of 7 credits.  Three (3) credits for every Education Program Sponsor OR CE Sponsor approval.  Two (2) credits for every Program Sponsor OR CE Program Sponsor re-approval.  One (1) credit for every 15 continuing education credits approved and coordinated.  Proof: Copies of Education Program Sponsor approvals or CE approval. 


Rules & Regulations 
Public Health Code (Article 17, Part 209) 
EMS Personnel Licensing Administrative Rules (R 325.22301 - 325.22363) 


Forms & Publications

All forms and publications are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.  To preview and download the PDF forms, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not have this program, it can be downloaded from their website at: 


Initial Education 
Exam Information

Approved Personnel Initial Education Program Sponsors 

(Revision: 9/2015) 

Michigan EMS Education Program Pass Rates 


Approved IC Education Program Sponsors


EMT Specialist & Paramedic Practical Exam Schedule or 

EMT Specialist & Paramedic Practical Exam Registration Process  

NEW Registration Process Effective December 1, 2011 

Instructor Coordinator Exam Reservation Form (Includes Exam Schedule) 

IC Exam Reservation Form (Exam Dates through 12/2015)


Michigan Course Completion Application Packet - MFR, EMT, Specialist/AEMT, & Paramedic (Use this application if you have completed a Michigan Course within the past two years) 

EMS-APP-500 (11/2014)

National Registry Status Application Packet - MFR, EMT, Specialist/AEMT, & Paramedic (Use this application if you did NOT take a Michigan Course within the last 2 years but are Nationally Registered, are NOT currently licensed in another State, or you have completed a Military Education Course)

EMS-APP-501 (11/2014)

Reciprocity/Endorsement Application Packet - MFR, EMT, Specialist/AEMT, & Paramedic (Currently licensed in another state) 

EMS-APP-502 (11/2014)

Relicensure Application Packet (License expired within last 3 years) - MFR, EMT, Specialist/AEMT, & Paramedic

EMS-APP-503 (Revision: 4/2014) 

Instructor Coordinator Application Packet 

EMS-APP-504 (Revision: 7/2014)

Instructor Coordinator Relicensure Application Packet
(License expired within last 3 years)


EMS-APP-505 (Revision: 2/2014)

Criminal Conviction History Form (Complete and submit with initial licensure application, renewal application, or self-reporting at any time; if applicable) 

EMS-252 (Revision: 8/14/2012)

Verification of Out of State Licensure

EMS-250 (Revision: 8/14/2012) 

Verification of Military Education Program

EMS-251 (Revision: 8/14/2012)

IC Verification of 3 Years Experience 

EMS-253 (Revision: 3/2013)

Fee Exemption Request Form for Volunteers 

Not available online. Call (517) 241-0179 to have a form mailed to you. 

Data Change/Duplicate License Request
(You must provide a copy of legal documentation in order to change your name)


EMS-003 (Revision: 10/2011) 

Renewal Form (For active licenses) 


All renewals must be done online at: 

Continuing Education (CE)

Approved CE Program Sponsors 

Revised: 4/2014 

Personnel (MFR, EMT, EMT-Specialist (AEMT), & Paramedic) CE Record Form

**Effective for those renewing 12/31/16

Personnel CE Record Form (Revision: 2007)

RENEW 12/31/16 CE Record Form (New: 12/15/14)

Instructor-Coordinator CE Record Form

IC CE Record Form (Revision: 1/2014) 

Pre-Approved Standardized CE Credits (NOTE: Removal of EmCert as a Michigan Approved Online CE Provider)

Standardized CE Credits (Revision: 6/2013) 
Online CE Vendors Approved for Michigan Providers


Contact Information 

Complete the appropriate Department forms and submit directly to:

MDCH-EMS Section
Personnel Licensing Application
P.O. Box 30437
Lansing, Michigan 48909
Phone: (517) 241-0179


Applications will not be accepted in person or via fax, they must be mailed with an ORIGINAL SIGNATURE 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


My renewal date is coming up soon.  I know that the license will be valid for 3 years.  Since I will be moving next year, I only want to renew it for 1 year.  Can I do that? 

No.  When you renew your license it can only be renewed for the full 3 years.

How can I change my address?

By completing the Data Change/Duplicate License Request Form and submitting it to our office either by mail or fax.  In addition, if you would like to request a new license, you must pay a $10.00 fee.

How can I change my name?

By completing the Data Change/Duplicate License Request Form and submitting with a copy of the legal document changing your name, i.e. marriage license, divorce decree, court order, etc.  In addition, if you would like to request a new license, you must pay a $10.00 fee.

How long will you keep my licensure application on file? 

We keep your application and fee on file for 2 years from the date received.  If the requirements for licensure are not met within that time span, the application is no longer valid and the file is destroyed.

If I have been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor, will this stop me from obtaining a Michigan EMS license? 

This type of information will be reviewed on an individual basis.  You must submit your application, fee, and information regarding the occurrence including dates, sentences, and completion of requirements.  We will review and make a decision at that time.  Please keep in mind that we do take into consideration the type of conviction, the age that you were when the incident occurred, the time that has elapsed since the conviction, and your record since the incident.

What happens if my license expires?

If your license is not renewed on or before the expiration date, you have a 60 day grace period after the expiration date to renew with paying an additional $50.00 late fee for a total of $75.00.  If it is not renewed within those 60 days, your license will lapse.

If your license expires, you cannot practice your profession, nor will you be able to identify yourself as being a licensed EMS professional.  Working without a valid license is considered a felony under Michigan Law and will result in legal proceedings.

How do I verify my Michigan license to another state? 

We can provide written verification of your license status to other states.  This document may also be referred to as a "letter of good standing".  You need to send a written request for license verification, providing this office with the name and address of the state office that you wish to receive the documentation. This request should also include your name, license number, and your signature.  This request can be mailed or faxed directly to our office for processing.

The verification process generally takes 15-20 business days from the time the request is received by the Department.

I need to verify whether someone has a license.  How can I do that?

If you have access to the Internet you can go to our on-line Verify a License website, or you can call (517) 241-9427.

Can I renew my license early?

Your license can be renewed as early as 90 days before it expires.  Our system is not set up to receive renewal information prior to this time frame.  You can renew online or mail your renewal application back to us.  If applying online, you will have to pay for your renewal with a credit card.  Do not submit your renewal both online and by mail, as this will only delay the renewal process.

How will I know when I need to renew? 

Renewal notices are mailed to the last known address on file approximately 90 days before the expiration date of your current license.  If we have an incorrect address, you are still responsible for making sure your license has been renewed properly and in a timely manner.  Remember to notify the Department in writing of any address changes, to ensure you receive your renewal notice on time.

What if I am licensed in more than one state? Do you need verification from all the states I have ever held a license in or just the state where I hold my current license?

We will need verification from all states where you have ever held a license.  This is to ensure that there has not been any disciplinary actions or suspensions and that your current license is in good standing.

When completing an application for relicensure, you are required to list all states that you have held a license in.

How long does it take to process my application?

Your application is considered complete once we have received your application packet, fee, and additional documents such as, course completion roster, verifications from other states, or test scores.  Upon receipt of all required documents, your application will be reviewed, approved, and your license will be issued.  This process generally takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks.  If there are delays in receiving verifications, or exam scores, or the information submitted is incomplete, the process may take longer.

Relicensure applications may take longer depending upon what additional information is needed to process the application.

Please be patient as we process your application.  If you do not receive your license or a letter regarding the status of your application within 4 to 6 weeks, please call our office at (517) 241-0179.

How long does it take for your office to receive my correspondence?

It takes approximately 7-10 days from the mail date for our office to receive outside mail.

What is the purpose of the different types of applications?

New License - You have never held a license in this profession in Michigan or any other state, or your license lapsed or expired more than three years ago.

Endorsement - You hold a current license in this profession in another state and have never held this license in Michigan.

Relicensure - You once held a license in this profession in Michigan that lapsed or expired.

Online Renewal - You currently hold a Michigan license and you want to extend its active status because the license is due to expire.  You will receive a renewal application in the mail approximately 90 days before your expiration date.  You must renew your license online at mylicense.  All online payments must be made via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover) or by electronic checking.  If you are within 60 days past the expiration date, you can renew online, but you will be assessed the license renewal fee and a late fee.  If your license expired more than 60 days ago, you must apply for relicensure.  If your license is in renewal, you can change your address online also.  A duplicate renewal application can be requested at or you can call (517) 241-0179.  Renewal applications cannot be printed off our website at this time. 
 If you are renewing an Instructor-Coordinator license, your provider license must be currently active. 

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