Occupational Health

Nearly five million people work in Michigan. Approximately three-hundred thousand experience a work-related illness or injury every year. On average about three workers die every week of an acute work-related injury in Michigan. Additional deaths occur from work-related cancer and other chronic diseases. Workplace injuries and illnesses can be prevented.

In Michigan, physicians, hospitals, clinics, and employers are required to report known or suspected cases where an individual has an occupational disease or a health condition aggravated by workplace exposures. Read the Michigan Public Health Code section on reporting occupational diseaseOccupational disease reporting procedures and forms are at http://www.oem.msu.edu/ReportForm.aspx. 

Successful approaches to making workplaces safer begin with having the data necessary to understand the problem. Data about work-related illnesses and injuries in Michigan are available in a variety of reports and publications, some of which are found below.


Click here for data tables on fatal and non-fatal occupational injuries and occupational diseases that have occurred within the State of Michigan since 1992. Descriptions of data sources and links to original source reports are included.

Click here for brief summaries of the thirteen occupational health data sources.Each summary is comprised of the following components: Summary, Data Attributes, Data Collection and Processing, System Attributes, and Usefulness for Occupational Health.


Reports pertaining to occupational health are found below.  Click on the names of the reports to access them.

Work-related Health Disparities in Michigan Reports provide data on and discussion of the disparate impacts of work-related injuries and illnesses on different racial and ethnic groups.  Recommendations to address work-related health disparities are included.

2011 Work-related Health Disparities in Michigan

The Amputation in Michigan Reports summarize the characteristics of work-related amputations in Michigan as identified from hospital medical records and workers' compensation claims. The reports also describe the outcomes of worksite inspection referrals submitted to the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

2013 Work-related Amputations in Michigan Report
2012 Work-related Amputations in Michigan Report
2011 Work-related Amputations in Michigan Report

2009 Work-related Amputations in Michigan Report
2008 Work-related Amputations in Michigan Report 
2007 Work-related Amputations in Michigan Report 
2006 Work-related Amputations in Michigan Report 

Profiles of Occupational Injuries and Diseases in Michigan: a compilation of data from a number of sources providing magnitude and trend information for all occupational injuries and diseases. The report also includes some specific occupational conditions of public health importance in Michigan. 

New!  Thirteen Indicators of the Health of Michigan's Workforce: this is an update to the March 2006 report that examines numbers and rates for data on thirteen health indicators related to occupational diseases and injuries, comparing Michigan and national data over the period 1990 to 2009.  The report includes recommendations for more in-depth analyses.  After you review the report, please come back to this site and give us your feedback.   Your opinions are very important to us.

The 2012 Pesticide Illness and Injury Surveillance in Michigan Report, summarizing pesticide poisoning surveillance data and providing case summaries, is available. Previous reports are also available.

2011 Report
2010 Report
2009 Report
2008 Report 
2007 Report 
2006 Report 
2005 Report 
2004 Report 
2001-2003 Report 

Annual Reports on occupational diseases, silicosis, work-related asthma, noise-induced hearing loss, adult blood lead levels, work-related fatalities, pesticides, and heavy metals. 

What You Need to Know About Pesticides and Your Health  is a booklet that provides information and resources about pesticides and possible health effects from pesticide use. 

Click here for a brochure about the MDCH occupational pesticide injury and illness surveillance system in English. Click here for the Spanish version.  

Click here for a listing of medical clinics that meet the membership criteria of the Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics for evaluation of patients with suspected occupational or environmental disease or injury.  

Links to Other Occupational Health Websites

(Many of these sites provide portals to other related sites.) 

Michigan State University - Maintains Michigan's mandatory occupational disease reporting systems

Michigan Department of Agriculture - Enforces state and federal legal requirements and provides for the sale and use of pesticides  

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health   - Conducts research and makes
recommendations for the prevention of work-related illnesses and injuries

Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration - Sets safety standards for workers within the United States  

Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics - Occupational illness and injury statistics