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Medicaid Policy Bulletins

Policy Bulletins

This page contains policy bulletins issued in 2014. 

For other years of approved Medicaid policy bulletins, click here.  

For Notices of Proposed Policy, click here.  

For Provider "L" Letters, click here. (Provider "L" letters do not represent promulgated policy and are provided to communicate new developments, information, policy clarifications, etc.)

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Archived Proposed Medicaid Policy Distributed for Public Comment and Consultation Summaries 

Archived proposed Medicaid policy distributed for public comment and consultation summaries are available electronically upon request. If you would like to view historical versions of proposed Medicaid policy that were released for public comment or you would like to obtain a consultation summary of any bulletin, e-mail with your request. Please identify the project number of the proposed Medicaid policy or consultation summary if known. If this information is unknown, reference the month, year, and subject of the bulletin or the consultation summary in your request. The documents will be e-mailed to you.

NOTE: Comments will not be accepted for proposed Medicaid policy after the public comment period has closed. 

Issue Date   Bulletin Number  


October 31, 2014 MSA 14-47

Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) Dental Periodicity Schedule

October 9, 2014 MSA 14-45

Healthy Michigan Plan Chronic Condition Copay Exemption Change

October 9, 2014 MSA 14-30

Addition of Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Chapter to the Medicaid Provider Manual

October 1, 2014 MSA 14-44

Changes to Coverage of Blood Glucose Testing Supplies

October 1, 2014 MSA 14-42

New Class I Nursing Facility Rate Relief Criterion

September 2, 2014 MSA 14-40

Excludable Convictions for Medicaid Home Help Program Personal Care Service Providers

August 29, 2014 MSA 14-39

Healthy Michigan Plan Provider Policy

August 28, 2014 MSA 14-38

Institutional Status of Juveniles

August 28, 2014 MSA 14-37

Updates to the Medicaid Provider Manual; ICD-10 Project Update; New Coverage of Existing Code; Discontinuing Coverage of Existing Codes; Provider Portal; Nursery Related Revenue Codes; Pre-Admission Diagnostic Services; MIChild Eligibility Manual

August 29, 2014 MSA 14-35

Verification of Eligibility for Medicaid

August 28, 2014 MSA 14-34

Inpatient Hospital Claim Requirements for Newborns

August 28, 2014 MSA 14-33

Healthy Kids Dental Contract Expansion

August 28, 2014 MSA 14-32

Rate Increase for Obstetrical Services

July 31, 2014 MSA 14-31

Personal Care Provider Criminal History Screening

July 31, 2014 MSA 14-29

Establishment of a New Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) Pool

July 3, 2014 MSA 14-28

Extension of the Plan First! Family Planning Waiver

July 1, 2014 MSA 14-27

New MI Choice Intake Guidelines

July 1, 2014 MSA 14-26

MI Choice Chapter Revisions

July 1, 2014 MSA 14-25

Revised Coverage of Wearable Cardioverter Defibrillators

July 1, 2014 MSA 14-24

Changes to the Benefits Monitoring Program (BMP)

May 30, 2014 MSA 14-23

Introduction of Health Homes in Selected Counties of Grand Traverse, Manistee and Washtenaw

May 29, 2014 MSA 14-22

Updates to the Medicaid Provider Manual; Program Updates; ICD-10 Project Update; New Coverage of Existing Code; Discontinuing Coverage of Existing Codes; Habilitative Services for the Healthy Michigan Plan; Emergency Ambulance Transportation; Public ACts 64 thru 78 of 2014; Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) Related Eligibility Policy Manual.

May 29, 2014 MSA 14-21

Realignment of Michigan Department of Education SE-4094/State Plan Line Numbers

 May 29, 2014 MSA 14-19

Outpatient Uncompensated Care Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) Pool Increase

May 29, 2014 MSA 14-15

Graduate Medical Education (GME) Innovations Grant

May 1, 2014 MSA 14-18

Effective Date and Retroactive Coverage for Children's Special Health Care Services (CSHCS) Clients

May 1, 2014 MSA 14-17

Conversion of Michigan Regional Poison Control Center payment from a Medicaid funded payment to a CHIP funded payment

May 1, 2014 MSA 14-16

Revisions to the Mental Health/Substance Abuse Chapters of the Medicaid Provider Manual, Assertive Community Treatment Program Section

April 15, 2014 MSA 14-14

Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH)

March 4, 2014 MSA 14-13

Correction to bulletin MSA 14-09

February 28, 2014 MSA 14-12

Phase-Out of the Plan First! Family Planning Waiver

February 27, 2014 MSA 14-11

Healthy Michigan Plan

February 27, 2014 MSA 14-10

Institutional Status

February 28, 2014 MSA 14-09

Transportation Policy Clarification

February 27, 2014 MSA 14-08

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Policy Changes

February 27, 2014 MSA 14-07

Implementation of Updated Paper Claim Forms

February 27, 2014 MSA 14-06

Updates to the Medicaid Provider Manual; ICD-10 Project Update; and Document Management Portal in CHAMPS

February 27, 2014 MSA 14-05

Physician Injectable Drug Coverage Policy Update and Clarification

February 27, 2014 MSA 14-04

Inpatient Copayment Policy

February 27, 2014 MSA 14-03

Healthy Michigan Plan Eligibility Criteria

January 30, 2014 MSA 14-02

Cost Reporting & Reimbursement Appendix -Penalty Taxes Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

January 30, 2014  MSA 14-01

Discontinuation of Room and Board Reimbursement to Hospice Residence Facilities with Licensed-Only Nursing Facility Beds

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