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Michigan Clean Sweep - Dispose of Your Unused or Unwanted Pesticides

Clean Sweep

The Michigan Clean Sweep Program helps protect the state's natural resources and prevent agriculture pollution by ensuring the safe and proper disposal of outdated, unused or unwanted pesticides in Michigan.

Clean Sweep is made possible by a strong and unique state, federal, local, and industry partnership. There have been a number of Clean Sweep sites established around the state to accept your unused or expired pesticide products. The schedule of collections will vary from county to county. It is best to contact the Clean Sweep site nearest to you for details of their operations.

Participating Clean Sweep sites will accept pesticide product and mercury free of charge from any Michigan resident. They are not, however, required to handle other types of household hazardous waste from residents outside of their respective counties.

Over the past sixteen years, more than 2.0 million pounds (1000 tons) of pesticides have been removed from circulation and properly disposed of via permanent collection sites.

Agribusiness, Greenhouses, Nurseries
If you have a lot of expired pesticide product in need of disposal, now is the time to take care of it! Pesticide dealers and individuals who sell and/or apply pesticides for hire may also dispose of unused or unwanted pesticides. Arrangements, however, must be made with a Clean Sweep site prior to collection and it is up to the Clean Sweep manager's discretion as to their procedure for accepting your products. At a minimum, the agribusiness is responsible for cataloguing the products for disposal - including name of the product, EPA Registration Number and weight (tare weight should be separated). Collections are for pesticides only. No fertilizers will be accepted as part of Clean Sweep unless they are part of a pesticide formulation.

Pharmaceutical Collections
Pharmaceutical collections are no longer part of the list of items that Clean Sweep sites can collect. The program had received funding to enhance its free collection efforts through a Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grant for a period of two years (2010-2012), The grant has now ended but during this period we were able to collect 15,957 pounds of unused pharmaceuticals as part of Clean Sweep collections. 

If you have questions about the Clean Sweep Program, please feel free to call 517-241-3933 or email