Building Division

  • Contact the Building Division at 517-241-9317 or via E-Mail at

    The Building Division provides building code administration, enforcement and inspections services. They also provide building inspections for mobile home parks, issue mobile home licenses and provide staff support to the Mobile Home Code Commission. They are also responsible for installer/repairer, dealers and manufacturers, administrative action relative to these functions and ordinance reviews for mobile home parks. The division also registers code inspectors and approves instructors and training programs for code inspectors.

    Note: Builder Licenses are not issued through this agency. Please contact the Corporations, Securities, & Commercial Licensing Bureau at 517-335-0918 (license/renewals); 517-241-9202 (complaints); 800-733-9267 (examination questions); 517-335-0918 (licensing verification).

    Energy-Commercial Committee Meeting Schedule
    Manufactured Housing Committee Meeting Schedule

    Notice:  Initial registration and renewal fees waived for the following:

    Building Official Registration
    Inspector Registration
    Fire Protection System Inspector Registration
    Plan Review Registration
    Fire Protection System Plan Reviewer Registration

    Required documentation:

    DD-214 or DD-215 indicating separation under "honorable" or "general under honorable conditions"
    If you do not have a DD-214 or DD-215 in your possession, please contact the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency at 517-284-5298 for assistance.