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Denial of Unemployment Benefits for Seasonal Workers, Information for Employers PDF icon

ETA 9061 - Individual Characteristics Form, Work Opportunity Tax Credit PDF icon

Form UIA 1025, Employer Request for Address/Name Change, On-Line and Downloadable

IRS 8850 - Pre-screening Notice and Certification Request for the Work Opportunity Credit PDF icon

IRS Form 8850 - Instructions PDF icon

Michigan Business Tax Registration, Online & Form 518

Stand-Alone UIA Schedule B PDF icon

UIA 1003 PEO Client-Level Update PDF icon

UIA 1015 - Employer Application for Determination of Employment Status PDF icon

UIA 1015-C - Worker's Questionnaire to Determine Employment Status PDF icon

UIA 1027, Business Transferor's Notice to Transferee of Unemployment Tax Liability & Rate PDF icon

UIA 1028, Employer's Quarterly Wage/Tax Report

UIA 1045 - (Fillable) Status Questionnaire for Employee Leasing Companies (ELC) PDF icon

UIA 1110 - Application for Michigan Unemployment Tax Credit (2012) PDF icon

UIA 1110, Application for Michigan Unemployment Tax Credit (2010) PDF icon

UIA 1110, Application for Michigan Unemployment Tax Credit (2011) PDF icon

UIA 1155, Applying for Designation as a Seasonal Employer PDF icon

UIA 1156, Notice to Workers of Employer's Designation as Seasonal PDF icon

UIA 1156-S, Aviso Ha Los Trabajadores de La Designacion de Los Empleadores Como Temporal PDF icon

UIA 1158, Notice that You Are A Seasonal Worker PDF icon

UIA 1158-S, Aviso De Que Tu Eres Un "Trabajador Temporal" PDF icon

UIA 1160, Notice to Worker of Reasonable Assurance of Work for Next Season PDF icon

UIA 1160-S, Aviso A Los Trabajadores de Seguridad Razonable de Trabajo Para La Proxima Temporada PDF icon

UIA 1184, (Fillable) Employer's Report on Partial Transfer of Business PDF icon

UIA 1184-1, (Fillable) Report and Agreement on Partial Transfer of Business Certification PDF icon

UIA 1213 Quality Assurance Program PDF icon

UIA 1222EFC Notice to Register for Work PDF icon

UIA 1260e, Employer Remuneration Questionnaire (Fillable) PDF icon

UIA 1471-C - Protest of (Re)Determination PDF icon

UIA 1471-L - Protest of a (Re)Determination PDF icon

UIA 1471-T, Protest of a (Re)Determination PDF icon

UIA 1488, Power of Attorney (POA) PDF icon

UIA 1538 What You Need To File An Unemployment Claim PDF icon

UIA 1542, Employer Tax Amnesty Application PDF icon

UIA 1710 Notice to Employees sign PDF icon

UIA 1772, Notice of Discontinuance or Disposition of Business (Fillable) PDF icon

UIA 1800, Guide to UIA Office of Appeals Hearings PDF icon

UIA 1848 - Certification of Agency and Appearance PDF icon

UIA 4101 - Employer's Quarterly Tax Payment Coupon PDF icon

UIA 6102 Authorization for UIA to Release Confidential Information PDF icon

UIA 6324 Certifications by Professional Employer Organization (PEO) regarding payment of wages to leased employees PDF icon


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