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Michigan E-file 2013

The Internal Revenue Service announced plans to open the IIT 2014 filing season on January 31 and encourages taxpayers to use e-file and Direct Deposit as the fastest way to receive refunds. In addition, many software companies are expected to begin accepting IIT returns in January and will hold those returns until the IRS systems open on January 31. The IRS cautioned that it will not process any IIT returns before January 31, so there is no advantage to filing on paper before the opening date. Taxpayers will receive their tax refunds much faster by using e-file with the Direct Deposit option.

Michigan anticipates retrieving and acknowledging IIT e-file returns on the same day the IRS opens for e-file. E-filing and choosing Direct Deposit is the fastest way to receive your Michigan refund. However, Michigan will be ready to process IIT returns and will begin making updates to Michigan's IIT self-service on January 22.

E-filing is the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way of filing your Michigan tax return and receiving your refund. Benefits of e-file:

  • Accurate! Instant calculations make sure your return contains no math errors.
  • Fast! E-filed returns are usually processed within 14 business days. Paper returns take longer to process. Please allow 14 days before checking the status of your e-filed return using the Michigan Department of Treasury's “Check My Income Tax Info” Web site.
  • File now, pay later! Even if you owe tax, you can e-file now and mail your payment by April 15, 2014.
  • Saves Michigan taxpayer dollars! E-filed returns cost 83% less to process than paper returns.

E-file. Good for you. Good for Michigan.