2015 Tax-Foreclosed Real Property Parcel Listings

Property RegionAuction DateAuction Location
UP & Northern Lower Wednesday, August 12, 2015 Ramada Inn, Grayling
Southern Michigan Thursday, August 13, 2015 Ramada, Lansing

Statutory & Policy Changes Effective as of the 2015 Foreclosure Auctions


Public Act 501, which took effect January 14, 2015 revised Section 211.78m and the qualifications for foreclosure sale buyers. At a minimum bid auction, the purchaser must meet all of the following conditions:

  • (a) The person does not directly or indirectly hold more than a de minimis legal interest in any property with delinquent property taxes located in the same county as the property.
  • (b) The person is not directly or indirectly responsible for any unpaid civil fines for a violation of an ordinance authorized by section 4l of the home rule city act, 1909 PA 279, MCL 117.4l, in the local tax collection unit in which the property is located.

If more than one sale is held (meaning a minimum bid auction and a 'no minimum bid' auction), at the second sale the foreclosing governmental unit shall require a person who held an interest in property sold under this subsection at the time a judgment of foreclosure was entered against the property under section 78k to pay the minimum bid for the property before issuing a deed to the person.

Former owners may bid on and purchase foreclosed property as long as they aren't delinquent on other property in the same county and don't have fines in the same city, township or village as the purchased property. In addition, a former owner must always pay at least the minimum bid (total delinquencies) on a property.

Bidders must review and complete our new Bidder Affidavit Under Penalty of Perjury form at the auctions in order to receive a bidder number.

Complete Purchases

Successful highest bidders will still be awarded a purchase certificate at our auctions, but will not receive a deed for the property unless and until they submit a completed Proof of Payment form to our office within 21 days. The completed Proof of Payment form will certify that the purchaser has paid the current year's property taxes at the local municipality. Failure to pay the local property taxes and submit the form to the Property Services Division within 21 days of the auction (postmark required) will result in cancellation of the sale.

Following receipt of the completed Proof of Payment form, the Property Services Division will issue quit claim sale deeds within fourteen days.

This announcement recognizes new items as of its publication. Prospective bidders should thoroughly review ALL rules, regulations, and notices prior to bidding.