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    CDL Self and Medical Certification

    CDL Self and Medical Certification


    DEMO: View this YouTube video to see just how easy online CDL self and medical certification is.

    Because of new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations that went into effect January 30, 2012, drivers who are renewing, correcting or applying for an original Commercial Driver License (CDL) must self-certify which type of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operation they will perform. The four types are:

    • Non-excepted interstate driver
    • Excepted interstate driver
    • Non-excepted intrastate driver
    • Excepted intrastate driver

    If you are not sure which type of CMV operation you will perform, please get confirmation from your employer or prospective employer.

    You will lose your privilege to operate a CMV if you fail to provide a self-certification to the Secretary of State's Office before your CDL expires or by January 30, 2014, whichever date comes first.

    To complete the self-certification process, you may:

    • Go Online - visit this link and submit the requested information online. If medical certification is required, you will need to scan and upload your medical certification document in a PDF (preferred) or TIF format; or
    • Mail the completed and signed self-certification form and, if required, a copy of your completed and signed Medical Examiner's Certificate using the form on the website to:
      Michigan Department of State
      CDL Help Desk
      7064 Crowner Drive
      Lansing, MI 48918
    • Fax the completed and signed self-certification form and, if required, include a copy of your completed and signed Medical Examiner's Certificate using the form on the back of this letter to 517-636-4359; or,
    • Visit a Secretary of State office to self-certify and present medical documents if required.

    If you self-certify as a non-excepted interstate driver, you must present a completed and signed Medical Examiner's Certificate, which is also known as a DOT Medical Card, to the Secretary of State to continue your CDL application.

    If you have an FMCSA medical variance, such as an FMCSA waiver letter or skills performance evaluation, you must present each document at a Secretary of State office. FMCSA medical variance documents will not be accepted if sent by mail or fax.

    For additional information, visit the links below or call 517-322-5555.

    You may obtain the forms for the physical exam and the Medical Examiner's certificate by using the following links from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) website. Your physician must complete and sign the medical examiners certificate and provide you a copy. 

    Physical Exam Form
    Medical Examiners Certificate

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