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Wayne County Salvage Vehicle Inspectors



Contact Phone #:

Allen Park Police Department *William Mehall 313-386-7800
Brownstown Township Police Department * William Huddleston 734-675-1300 x1142
City of Bangor Police Department Tammy Barnes 313-999-9466
Elena Danishevskaya 248-765-8222
Detroit Police Department Lawrence J. Addison 313-596-1301
*Terry Cross-Nelson 313-896-2555
Samuel Choice 313-595-4759
Tyrone Dollison 313-596-5202
Jonathan Parnell 313-596-2555
Keith Dawson 313-596-2555
Alfredo Jimenez 313-596-2032
Samuel Balogun 313-596-1100
*Alonzo Jones 313-596-2882
*Carlton Williams 313-596-2882
*Lewis C. Jackson Jr. 313-596-2555
*Clive Stewart 313-596-2555
*Jon Metiva 313-999-2556
Chad Smith 313-596-1300
Lamont Williams 313-596-1300
Ronald Williams 313-596-1300
Hameed Mohamed 313-757-2511
Ecorse Police Department James Frierson 313-917-0010
*Kevin Barkman 313-590-1696
Flat Rock Police Department Christopher Gamino 734-782-2498
Grosse Pointe Woods Department of Public Safety Geoffrey McQueen 313-885-2100
Frank Zielinski 313-343-2100 x1016
Grosse Pointe Woods Police Department Scott Nota 313-343-2400
Highland Park Police Department James Lant 313-995-3196
Huron Township Police Department *Robert Kelch 734-753-4400 x223
*Bryan Tyitye 734-753-4400
Memphis Police Department
Jeno M. Okey 313-515-3100
Metro Airport Police Department Kris Meyers 734-247-2765
*Brett Michalski 734-942-5226
MSP - Gaming Section William Terry 313-456-4100
MSP - Livonia Post Heather Stevens 734-525-4149
MSP - Metro South Post Michael Cahalan 248-584-5783
Rocco Daversa 734-287-5000
Darby O'Dell 248-584-5740
MSP - Northville Post *Ashland Bray 248-380-1049
MSP - South East Auto Theft Team Ray Collins 734-525-4149
Jeff Hart 734-525-4149
Kevin Reif 734-525-4149
MSP- Taylor Post Garry Guild 734-287-5000
Redford Township Police Department *Jonathan Strong 313-387-2561
Riverview Police Department Christopher Merritt 313-971-4786
*John Price 734-281-4210 x4
Romulus Police Department *Dan Czajkowski 734-941-8400
*Michael Grant 734-941-8400
*Damian Hull 734-941-8400
Matthew Krol 734-941-8400
*Josh Monte 734-941-8400
Sumpter Township Police Department John Ashby 734-461-4844
Taylor Police Department Theodore Michowski 734-287-6611 x4
Trenton Police Department *Steven Voss 734-676-7095
Van Buren Township Police Department Jeffery Gueli 734-216-7629
Wayne State Police *Rohit Joshi 313-596-2855
Wyandotte Police Department *Jerome Yoscovits 734-324-4433


*Inspectors with an asterisk before their name will inspect vehicles for owners residing in their jurisdiction only. If there is no inspector in your jurisdiction, you must contact a nearby inspector who does not have an asterisk before his/her name.

By law, a vehicle with a salvage title is exempt from registration when driven to obtain a salvage recertification inspection using the most direct route.



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