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    Mackinac Island State Park Commission

    The Mackinac Island State Park Commission was formed in 1895 and is responsible for all aspects of managing Mackinac State Historic Parks. The commission, which meets approximately six times a year, is made up of seven members appointed by the governor of Michigan and confirmed by the state's Senate. Commissioners serve six-year terms.


    Click here to access the Mackinac Island State Park Commission homepage and meeting information 



    Public Act 451 of 1994, MCLA 324.76702


    Contact Information


    Phil Porter

    Mackinac State Historic Parks

    Department of Natural Resources
    P.O. Box 873
    Mackinaw City, MI 49701
    Phone: (231) 436-4100
    Fax: (231) 436-4210



    Karen Karam (D)

    Term ends 4/12/15


    Frank J. Kelley (D)

    Term ends 4/12/15


    Richard A. Manoogian (I)

    Term ends 4/12/17


    Chuck Yob (R)

    Term ends 4/12/17


    William Marvin (R)

    Resident of Mackinaw City

    Term ends 4/12/18


    Mary Callewaert (R)

    Term ends 4/12/19


    William Deary (R)

    Term ends 4/12/19

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