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Your Retirement Account

While you work as an enlisted officer, your employer forwards information about your wages and service to ORS. It also sends employer contributions to the retirement system fund, which is invested by the Michigan Department of Treasury.

ORS maintains your wage and service records so that when the day comes, we can determine your eligibility for a pension, calculate the pension, and put you on the retirement payroll. You may log onto miAccount, after creating a secure account using your member ID, and view your current service credit totals.

We also keep track of any personal contributions you may have on account. The State Police Retirement System was a noncontributory system from 1974 to 2012. The plan is since funded by both employee and employer contributions. Personal contributions are recorded in a separate record, interest is paid, and we report your balance in miAccount. If you die before reaching pension eligibility, we'll refund your personal contributions and interest to your beneficiary or estate.

The retirement plan information that appears on this website is intended to summarize basic provisions of Public Act 182 of 1986, as amended.
Current laws, rates, and factors are subject to change. Should there be discrepancies between the information reflected here and the actual law,
the provisions of the law govern.

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