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Uniform Law Citation, Commercial Law Citation, and Citation Book Cover

The revised (rev. 06/05) Uniform Law Citation (UC-01a and UC-01b) and Commercial Law Citation (CLC-01) is effective October 1, 2005.  Changes in the 06/05 revision include changing the SSN field to a 4 digit field, replacement of the fields for operator and chauffeur license and CDL group/endorsement with one field with options for checking either operator/chauffeur license or commercial driver license, and removing the ICC field from the CLC-01 as it no longer needs to be displayed.

The State Court Administrative Office has extended the use of older versions under certain circumstances. This extension does not apply to printers. The 06/05 must be used when stock is reordered.

If existing stock of the 11/95, 09/02, or 12/03 version is used, the issuing officer must: 1) enter no more than the last four digits of the social security number when completing that field is appropriate; and 2) provide the information required by federal and state law when the citation is issued for a driving offense. That required information includes whether the violator has an operator/chauffeur driver license or a commercial driver license and the vehicle type. Since there is no field on the 11/95 or 09/02 versions for indicating the type of driver license, the information must be entered in the Remarks field. A field already exists for the vehicle type.

Uniform Law Citation (form numbers UC-01a, UC-01b, and CLC-01) The essential changes to these forms are the fields for indicating whether the violator has an operator/chauffeur driver license or a commercial driver license and the vehicle type. These fields are required by federal law (federal motor carrier safety regulations, 49 CFR 383.51) and state law (MCL 257.732(4)(m)). The social security number is not a required field, and the field was modified to the last four digits in light of the Social Security Number Privacy Act (MCL 445.81 et seq.).

MCL 257.727c mandates content, numbering, form, and parts of the citation. It also establishes procedures for modification and optional use of the form.

To purchase citations, courts and law enforcement agencies may contact one of the printers on the ULC vendor listor may contract with a printer of their own choosing.

A vendor listing for the Commercial Law Citation (CLC-01) is available from a separate CLC vendor list.

Any agency wishing to contract with their own vendor may obtain an electronic version of the revised ULC and CLC by contacting the Michigan Supreme Court, State Court Administrative Office, at (517) 373-4864. Electronic versions are offered in either PDF or PageMaker format.


Classification of Traffic Law Violations

The cover for both the Uniform Law Citation and The Commercial Law Citation has been revised on September 30, 2004 to reflect recent amendments to the Michigan Vehicle Code. Changes pertain to CDL Group Endorsements for school bus drivers.

Citation Book Cover

For additional questions concerning the ULC, CLC, Citation Book Cover, or to obtain vendor information, contact Sgt. Jill Bennett, Michigan State Police, Traffic Services Section, at (517) 636-0087 or