Flint Violent Crimes Task Force Makes Arrest in Two Michigan Murders


Flint, Michigan. Authorities from the Flint Violent Crimes Task Force in cooperation with the Romulus Police Department have announced the arrest of a Clio man in connection with the murders of Dr. Margarette Fink Eby and Nancy Jean Ludwig. The suspect was arrested at his home by task force detectives without incident. He is currently in custody.


The suspect stands accused by authorities of the murder of Dr. Margarette Fink Eby. Eby was killed on November 9, 1986, in her C.S. Mott estate on Kearsley Drive in Flint. Authorities also believe the suspect killed Northwest flight attendant, Nancy Jean Ludwig, sometime around February 17, 1991, in a Romulus hotel.

Detectives indicated both women suffered from similar fatal wounds and that evidence left at, and taken from, the crime scene was similar in nature.


Authorities got a big break in their investigation when a fingerprint taken from the crime scene was sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) forensic science laboratory for enhancement and comparison in their national fingerprint database. FBI examiners were able to successfully enhance the print and make a positive identification. They were also successful in linking that print with prints already on file with the suspect.


Using today¬ís technology with evidence gathered years ago, investigators believe that they have linked the suspect to the two murders.  Based on this information, authorities have requested arrest and search warrants from Genesee County Prosecutor Arthur Busch.


Task force detectives are investigating whether the suspect may be linked to other crimes outside of Michigan and will be checking with authorities in other states that may have similar murders.




CASE INFORMATION CONTACT: Captain Gary Hagler, Flint City Police Department,