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Funding Sources

  • Funding Opportunities The following links lead to Web sites that provide funding opportunities and information for communities and organizations looking for program or project funding. The list by no means includes all available funding opportunities. If you are a funder for cultural economic development, cultural/heritage tourism, or arts and cultural projects or educational programming.

Reports and Publications

  • New Urban Institute Study release - Cultural Vitality in Communities "Cultural Vitality in Communities: Interpretation and Indicators" is a new monograph from the Urban Institute's Arts and Culture Indicators Project. Using existing and new data, the report offers a new definition of "cultural vitality" as "evidence of creating, disseminating, validating, and supporting arts and culture as a dimension of everyday life in communities." It broadens "participation" to encompass festival making, amateur arts practice and public validation and discussion of cultural practices in many forms, including print, the Web and arts education (in-school and after-school). The analysis engages "a more diverse and powerful set of stakeholders," including people who are not arts "experts" or professionals. The authors believe this wider view compels policymakers, funder and administrators to change the way they think about culture.
  • Cultural Economic Development Readiness Initiative
    National Resource Team Final Report on Idlewild PDF icon
    The National Resource Team (NRT) applauds the Idlewild community for simply holding on to the land known as Idlewild. At approximately 3,000 acres, it is the largest land based historically African American resort ever assembled in the United States. Idlewild is one of the six most complete African American resorts remaining in America. It is a rare and valuable national resource with physical and cultural significance.
  • The Art of Economic Development: Community Colleges for Creative Economies by Stuart Rosenfeld, Regional Technology Strategies PDF icon


  • Downtown Revitalization Workshop PPT iconLink to CAT Team Information
  • CED Web Resources The following links lead to numerous Michigan & National Government Agencies, and miscellaneous Web sites that could be of great help as a resource to be used in furthering the cultural economic development of a community, whether it is urban or rural. These sites deal with leadership, land use, improving education, public health, business opportunities and taking advantage of a community's history through tourism.
  • Marketing and Promotion The following links lead to Web sites for other communities and countries that are doing a good job of marketing and promoting the positive changes and development that they have done or are doing.
  • Networks The following links lead to websites that are networks for cultural organizations/associations of interest, allowing people in cultural/heritage fields to communicate and learn recent developments in their field.
  • Programs and Services The following links lead to websites of programs and services that are offered to communities developing a cultural economic development plan or a cultural destination.

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