What is the Mentor Michigan College Coaching Corps?

The Mentor Michigan College Coaching Corps (MMCCC) is a program of the Michigan Nonprofit Association in partnership with Mentor Michigan and Michigan Campus Compact. The MMCCC enrolls and places full-time AmeriCorps members within youth mentoring organizations and institutions of higher education across the state of Michigan. 

Mentoring-focused AmeriCorps members are placed within youth mentoring organizations to grow and strengthen mentoring statewide. By recruiting, screening, and training volunteers, as well as providing ongoing support to matches, these members will play significant roles in the creation of 2,000 new mentoring relationships and support these matches so they are strong and long-lasting. Quality mentoring relationships contribute to positive outcomes for youth, such as increases in school attendance, and more. MMCCC AmeriCorps members will also infuse resources related to school success and college access into existing mentoring programming.

Campus-based members are placed within institutions of higher education in order to create "college-going" cultures within their local communities. These members will train 1,500 college students to be College Positive Volunteers and engage 3,000 disadvantaged youth in moving toward college by increasing public awareness of the fact that higher education can be accessed by all. They will create at least 180 college-focused activities within local communities, resulting in at least 90 sustainable community partnerships among K-12 schools, community-based organizations, and their host campuses. These members will also serve in "train the trainer" roles by training and resourcing members placed at mentoring organizations.

For a list of 2012-2013 MMCCC member sites, click here. For more information, contact:

Christie Schichtel
MMCCC Program Manager
330 Marshall Street, Suite 200
Lansing, MI 48912

(517) 492-2451


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Beginning in the Fall of 2013, the Michigan Nonprofit Association will launch a new AmeriCorps program in partnership with the Michigan Campus Compact and Mentor Michigan. This program, called the Mentoring to Access Corps (MAC), will replace the existing Mentor Michigan College Coaching Corps (MMCCC) and enroll and place thirty-five full-time AmeriCorps members with youth mentoring programs, colleges, and universities across Michigan. Mentoring AmeriCorps members will increase the quantity and quality of youth mentoring relationships while also impacting college-going rates and career readiness for hundreds of K-12 youth in Michigan. Campus AmeriCorps members will increase college access for high school youth in grades 9-12 who come from low-income families or have parents who did not attend college (i.e. first generation college-going students).

For more information about the MAC program, view the informational sheet or click here