Map Photos 1930-1949

In celebration of the centennial of the Michigan Department of Transportation, the 2005 state map bore photos and information about the many milestones achieved in building the state's transportation system over the last century. Although not the inventor of the wheel itself, MDOT is proud of the accomplishments shown in the photos that follow.


Federal aid money for highways in the 1930s was split between Highway Department and Welfare Department, putting thousands of "Reliefers" to work.

World's first international underwater auto tunnel, the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, opened in 1930.

In 1935, the nation's first state-operated information center opened in New Buffalo.

The first state-owned roadside park opened in 1935 on M-43, east of East Lansing.

Michigan's first four-lane divided expressway was built in 11 months in 1942 to carry workers from Detroit area to Ford Motor Company bomber plant in Ypsilanti.

The nation's first urban depressed freeway opened in 1942--the Davison Expressway through Highland Park (now M-8).