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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MOECS, and how can I access it?

MOECS (pronounced "moe-ex") is the Michigan Online Educator Certification System. The system is used by individuals to apply for, or renew, teaching certificates. School districts and/or staffing agencies use the system for permits, annual occupational authorizations, and school nurse certificates. Michigan college and university certification offices use MOECS to recommend initial certificates and endorsements. Access MOECS by visiting: A login name and password is required. Once you are at the log in screen, you will need to click "Create new Login Name/Password" if you have not previously accessed the system. This will take you to the Michigan Education Information System (MEIS) which creates all Login names and passwords. Print your confirmation page MEIS provides, as you will need the information when registering into MOECS the first time.

2. I think I had an account, but I do not remember the login or password. Can I just create a new MEIS account?

No, you must use the same login name each time you visit your MOECS account. You may retrieve login and password information by clicking the links on the login page. Do not create multiple MEIS accounts, as MOECS will not allow you access by using a new login name.

3. I am a substitute teacher. Do I use MOECS to get my permit?

No.  Permits are issued only to local and intermediate school districts, public school academies, and nonpublic schools.  The district/school where you are substitute teaching is responsible for applying for the permit for you if you do not hold a valid Michigan teaching certificate.  If you are employed by a third party substitute teacher employment agency, either the agency or the school district will apply for the permit, depending on their contractual arrangements.

4. How do I pay for my certificate or permit?

Payment must be submitted using a credit or debit card bearing a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover logo. If you do not have a credit or debit card, it is recommended you purchase a pre-paid card available at many retail establishments (i.e., gas stations, grocery stores etc.).

5. How do I renew my certificate?

You renew your certificate by logging into MOECS, updating your personal information, add your professional learning, and following the application steps. Details on renewal requirements are available in the "Facts on Educator Certification In Michigan" document located at the teacher certification homepage. If you have not previously accessed your MOECS certification account, you will need to create a MEIS account and self-register before you can log on to MOECS.

6. How do I apply for a Michigan teaching certificate if I completed my program and/or received my certificate in another state?

Create a MEIS account and self-register in MOECS and then submit a certificate application. Once you submit the application and pay the non-refundable evaluation fee, print your MOECS generated application cover letter and mail with the specified documents as one complete packet. A staff consultant will review your packet for determination.

7. What certification tests do I have to take?

If you completed your program in Michigan, you may receive that information from the certification office at your institution. If you are coming from out of state, or completed an out of state program, you will be notified of the testing requirements once an evaluation of your certification application packet has been completed. Required test(s) determination will not be made prior to evaluation.

8. I came from out of state and was issued a Michigan Temporary Teacher Employment Authorization. What happens after I pass the required test?

Your Provisional Teaching certificate may be issued once passing test scores are verified by MDE.

9. I submitted my application and the status now indicates WAITING FOR DOCUMENTS. What does that mean?

MOECS creates a cover letter that is specific to your application. Click on the application number and generate the cover letter to be printed. It includes a checklist of documents and instructions for submitting your complete packet. You may also review the Criteria for Accurate Teacher Certificate Application Documentation document. Once all documentation has been received, scanned, and uploaded, you will see the status of your application change to PENDING EVALUATION.

10. How long will my application remain active?

It will remain in the system for 2 years after submission if no other action is taken. No evaluation will occur if an application is in "Pending Payment" status, even if documents have been received. Do not send any documentation, or have institutions send transcripts, if an application has not been submitted.

11. I have a lot of questions regarding District Provided Professional Development (DPPD) and how it relates to my certificate. How do I make sense of it all?

Our office has complied a separate District Provided Professional Development Questions and Answers document that covers what counts, who qualifies to receive DPPD, and how to document activities. Please also follow the directions for Logging your DPPD into MOECS.

12. How do I verify three years of teaching experience when applying for a professional education certificate?

The experience report form is found in the "Forms" area within the educator's MOECS account. Use additional forms when experience is with multiple employers.

13. When will I receive my certificate in the mail?

Certificates are not mailed. The educator prints the certificate from within their MOECS account by choosing the PRINT CERTIFICATE feature. Step-by-step directions are available on a separate "Printing Your Certificate" document. The certificate will be deemed legal and valid when the educator's signature is notarized. Permits are not printed and exist in electronic format only.

14. How can a certificate be verified?

Use the Education Certification Verification to search the status of Michigan Educator Certificates and/or valid permits by name (expired permits do not appear in search results). However, if an educator has had a name change and not updated their personal information in MOECS, the search may not produce results.










updated 09/26/2014

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