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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MOECS?

MOECS (pronounced "moe-ex") is the Michigan Online Educator Certification System. The system is used by individuals to apply for, or renew, teaching certificates. School districts and/or staffing agencies use the system for permits, annual occupational authorizations, and school nurse certificates. Michigan college and university certification offices use MOECS to recommend initial certificates and endorsements.

2. How can I access MOECS?

You can access MOECS by visiting: Only Authorized users will be able to access this system and a login name and password is required. Once you are at the log in screen, you will need to click "Create new Login Name/Password" if you have not previously accessed the system. This will take you to the Michigan Education Information System (MEIS) which creates all Login names and passwords. Print your confirmation page MEIS provides, as you will need the information when registering into MOECS the first time.

3. I think I had an account, but I do not remember the login or password. Do I need to create a new MEIS account?

No, you must use the same login name each time you visit your MOECS account. You may retrieve login and password information by clicking the links on the login page. Do not create multiple MEIS accounts, as MOECS will not allow you access by using a new login name.

4. I am a substitute teacher. Must I create a MEIS account and self-register to obtain a substitute teacher permit?

No.  Permits are issued only to local and intermediate school districts, public school academies, and nonpublic schools.  The district/school where you are substitute teaching is responsible for applying for the permit for you if you do not hold a valid Michigan teaching certificate.  If you are employed by a third party substitute teacher employment agency, it is the agency's responsibility to have the district/school apply for the substitute permit for you.

5. What options do I have to make payments for my certification or permit?

You will only be able to make a payment using a credit or debit card. If you do not have a credit/debit card that has a logo of VISA or Master Card, we recommend you use a pre-paid card with the VISA or Master Card logo, which can be purchased at a number of retail establishments (i.e., gas stations, grocery stores etc.).

6. I am currently certified in Michigan and my certificate will be expiring on June 30. How do I renew my certificate?

You renew your certificate by logging into MOECS, updating your personal information, add your professional learning, and following the application steps. Details on renewal requirements are available in the "Facts on Educator Certification In Michigan" document located at the teacher certification homepage . If you have not previously accessed your MOECS certification account, you will need to create a MEIS account and self-register before you can log on to MOECS.

7. I completed my teacher preparation program at a college/university outside the State of Michigan. How do I apply for a Michigan teaching certificate?

You will need to create a MEIS account and self-register in MOECS and then submit a certificate application.

8. This is my first year of teaching in Michigan. I hold a valid teaching certificate from another state and have applied for a Michigan teaching certificate. I was issued a Michigan Temporary Teacher Employment Authorization and need to pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification Professional Readiness Exam (PRE)and my content area test to be issued my Michigan Provisional Teaching certificate. Do I need to self-register with MOECS and apply for the Michigan Provisional Teaching certificate again?

No.  If you already applied for a Michigan teaching certificate and you have been issued a Provisional Temporary Teacher Employment Authorization, your Provisional Teaching certificate will be issued once passing test scores are verified by MDE.

9. How will teachers who are applying for their professional education certificate verify the three years of teaching experience?

The experience report form is found in the "Forms" area within the educator's MOECS account.

10. Our district/school contracts with a private third party employment agency to supply our substitute teachers, and the employment agency applies for substitute permits on behalf of our district/school. Are these private employment agencies able to apply for permits through MOECS?

Third party employment agencies can only apply for substitute permits on behalf of a district/school if the Superintendent/Administrator of the district/school provides written verification to MDE that they are authorizing the person who works for the private employment agency to apply for substitute permits as a representative of that district/school. The agency employee must have a MEIS account number and must submit a security agreement form, signed by the district/school superintendent/administrator. In addition, the authorization letter from the district/school superintendent/administrator must be attached to the security agreement form.  (District/school users are able to obtain a copy of the MEIS security agreement form from the OPPS website.)

11. Our charter school contracts with a management company for our teachers, substitute teachers, and administrators. Will the management company be able to apply for our charter school's permits/annual vocational authorizations through the MOECS?

Yes. However, the individual that works for the management company who will apply for permits/annual vocational authorizations on behalf of your charter school must have a MEIS account and must submit the security agreement form to receive authorization to access MOECS.

12. Will a school district/school, substitute teacher employment agency, or charter school management company be able to make payment on behalf of the applicant?

Yes. Districts/schools, substitute teacher employment agencies that have authorization to access MOECS, and charter school management companies will be able to pay permit/annual vocational authorization fees through MOECS using a credit or debit card.










updated 07/31/2014
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