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Information About the Office
The School Law unit provides leadership and technical assistance on proposed state laws and current laws, the Revised School Code, the State School Aid Act, and other school related laws, administrative rules, and K-12 educational corporation programs to families, nonpublic schools, local and intermediate school districts, state agencies, legislative staff, and other interested individuals.


What's New

• Graduation Requirements [MCL 380.1278a] PDF icon

• Graduation Requirements [MCL 380.1278b] PDF icon

Public Acts

• The Revised School Code Act 451 of 1976

• State School Aid Act PDF icon

• Child Protection Act PDF icon

• Freedom of Information Act PDF icon

• Local Government and School District Fiscal Accountability Act PDF icon

• Open Meetings Act PDF icon

• Playground Equipment Safety Act PDF icon

• Public Employment Relations Act PDF icon

• Pupil Transportation Act PDF icon

• Teachers' Tenure Act PDF icon

• Uniform and Budgeting Accounting Act PDF icon

Laws & Related Information

• The Revised School Code Act 451 of 1976

• Search all Michigan Compiled Laws or Proposed Legislation

• Compulsory School Attendance PDF icon

• Corporal Punishment PDF icon

• General Powers PDF icon

• Homebound and Hospitalized PDF icon

• Graduation Requirements [MCL 380.1278a] PDF icon

• Graduation Requirements [MCL 380.1278b] PDF icon

• Kindergarten Entry Age PDF icon

• Nonpublic and Home Schools

• School Construction

• Schools of Choice PDF icon

• Special Education

• Teacher Certification

School Safety

• State Criminal History Checks [MCL 380.1230] PDF icon

• FBI Criminal History Checks [MCL 380.1230a] PDF icon

• FOIA Exemption [MCL 380.1230h] PDF icon

• Criminal History Checks - All School Employees [MCL 380.1230g] PDF icon

• Employment Prohibited; Limited Offense [MCL 380.1230c] PDF icon

• Notification of Crime [MCL 380.1230d] PDF icon

• Registry of Educational Personnel [MCL 380.1230e] PDF icon

• Automated Fingerprint Information System [MCL 380.1230f] PDF icon

• Conviction Reporting - State Board Approved Positions [MCL 380.1539b] PDF icon

• Conviction Reporting - Teachers [MCL 380.1535a] PDF icon

• Student Safety Zones PDF icon

• Criminal History Checks and Conviction Information

K-12 Educational Corporations

• K-12 Educational Corporations Process PDF icon

• Procedures for Requesting School Safety Inspection Reports PDF icon

• Educational Corporations [MCL 450.170] PDF icon

• Adequacy Requirements [MCL 450.171] PDF icon

• General Corporations Act PDF icon

State Government Resources

• Senate Fiscal Agency

• House Fiscal Agency

• Legislative - Senate Fiscal Agency

• Legislative Committees Meetings

Michigan Administrative Code Rules

• Office of Regulatory Reinvention

• Pending Education Rules

• Rules Promulgated by the Department of Education

• Waiver Authority [MCL 380.1281] PDF icon

• Administrative Rule Waiver Application (For Single District Use) PDF icon

• Administrative Rule Waiver Application (For Joint Application Use) PDF icon

• Administrative Rule Waiver Application (Renewal) PDF icon


• Teachers' Tenure Act PDF icon

• Administrative Law and Federal Relations

School Discipline

• Suspensions and Expulsions PDF icon

• Expulsions Due to Weapons, Arson and Criminal Sexual Conduct PDF icon

• Physical Assault - Student to Employee or Volunteer PDF icon

• Physical Assault - Student to Student PDF icon

• Statewide School Safety Information Policy PDF icon

• Verbal Assault and Bomb Threats PDF icon

Issue Papers

• Foreign Students Enrolled in Public School Districts PDF icon

• Religious Expression in Public Schools

• Compulsory School Attendance - Attendance Policies and Grades PDF icon

• Corporal Punishment PDF icon

• Corporal Punishment - Alternatives PDF icon

• Enrollment PDF icon

• Expulsions - Petition for Reinstatement PDF icon

• Expulsion Due to Weapons, Arson, and Criminal Sexual Conduct PDF icon

• Grade Promotion and Retention PDF icon

• Graduation Requirements

• Home Schools PDF icon

• Kindergarten Enrollment and Alternative Kindergarten Programs PDF icon

• Parental Rights (FERPA) PDF icon

• FERPA - Elementary and Secondary Schools PDF icon

• FERPA - Parents' Guide PDF icon

• FERPA - Colleges and Universities PDF icon

• FERPA Fact Sheet PDF icon

• Parent/Student Problem Solving PDF icon

• Residency PDF icon

• School District Reorganization PDF icon

• Schools of Choice PDF icon

• Suspensions and Expulsions PDF icon

• Free Textbooks, Materials and Charging Fees PDF icon

• Guidance Regarding School District Student Fees and Costs, September 2011 PDF icon

School District Reorganization

• School District Organization in Michigan PDF icon

• School District Reorganization PDF icon

• Annexation - Summary of Steps PDF icon

• Annexation [MCL 380.901-380.922] PDF icon

• Annexation and Transfer [MCL 380.941-380.949] PDF icon

• Consolidation - Summary of Steps PDF icon

• Consolidation [MCL 380.851-380.871] PDF icon

• Foundation Allowance [MCL 388.1620] PDF icon

• Division of a District [MCL 380.931-380.932] PDF icon

• Property Transfer (Transfer of Territory) [MCL 380.951-380.976] PDF icon

• Property Transfer Booklet Revised 2004 DOC icon

School Elections

• School and Community College Elections PDF icon

• School District Election Coordinator - Definition PDF icon

• School District Election Coordinator - Duties PDF icon

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