Secure Site Training and Resource Materials

The Secure Site is a web based application used for state assessments and accountability. The primary functions of the Secure Site are 1) Pre-identification of Students for both paper and pencil and online assessments, 2) Ordering paper and pencil tests including accommodated versions of the assessments, 3) Review of Accountable Students and Test Verification, 4) Review and appeal of preliminary Score Card, 5) Review and appeal of Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAO), 5) Retrieval of data score files and score reports. 

The Secure Site is available to authorized district and school personnel only. How do I obtain access to the Secure Site?


User and Procedure Manual The manual documents the functions of the Secure Site along with procedures for each of the functions.
Guide to Reading the 2014 Michigan School Accountability Scorecard Detailed information on Scorecard Components and Calculations

Quick References

Abbreviations The document contains a list of abbreviations and the full text used on the Secure Site.
Accountable Students & Test Verification - WIDA  This document walks a user through the Accountable Students and Test Verification function for spring 2015 WIDA.
Verification of Answer Documents ACT/WorkKeys This document walks a user through Verification of Answer Documents for Sring 2015 ACT and WorkKeys
Assigning Roles for eDIRECT in Secure Site This document walks a user through assigning roles for users to access eDIRECT for managing online tests for M-STEP and MI-Access Functional Independence. This will also be used for managing the MI-Access Supported Independence and Participation assessments for all schools.
Online Waiver Request A waiver request will need to be submitted for schools that are unable to administer the summative assessments online in spring 2015. The request can only be submitted by a DISTRICT ADMINISTRATOR level user of the Secure Site.
Initial Material Order Initial Material Orders need to be placed for Spring 2015 M-STEP and MI-Access by schools. Even if testing online, there may still be some paper/pencil tests that need to be ordered.
Online Sessions All students taking the online Spring 2015 M-STEP or MI-Access FI must be put into an online testing session. This document will walk you through the process.
Pre-Identification The document walks a user through the options for pre-identification for spring 2015 ACT, WorkKeys, M-STEP, WIDA and MI-Access.
WIDA Test Exception Request Each year schools are given the opportunity to request exceptions for individuals students that cannot be assessed for certain content areas on the WIDA due to a disability. New for 2015, students that were incorrectly identified as LEP in MSDS can also be submitted for exception from WIDA testing.


Camtasia Training/Presentations*

Pre-ID File Upload A file with required student data can be created in our required format and loaded to the Secure Site.
Early Roster An Early Roster file with student data for pre-identification can be loaded in MSDS for the Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA) and fall Interim assessments only.
Student Search Students can be pre-identified one at a time. The student's demographic record and scores for a test cycle can also be accessed through the Student Search.
Student Demographics - Mass Update After a student has been pre-identified for a test cycle, grade levels, building, class group codes, research codes and un-assigning students from a test cycle can be done for a group of students at a time.
MSDS Copy Students can be copied from MSDS into the Secure Site for pre-identification.



*There may be minor differences in the Camtasia presentations and the Secure Site due to ongoing improvements and changes to assessments. Always refer to current communications for deadlines and policies.

For additional questions about the Secure Site, email or call
877-560-8378 and press option 2


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