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Worksite Wellness

Wellness Program Coordinators:   WOW welcomes your feedback.   Contact Us 

WOW Worksite Wellness Get resources here to help you develop worksite programs
Want to develop a
Six Weeks to Wellness text link graphic
for your work group?

You can develop
a 6W2W activity 
anytime of year
and adapt it to
fit your group.
more info
Health Assessment Tool 
Michigan Steps Up 
WELCOA Resources 
Wellness Councils of America
Lunch & Learn

Employee Services Program 
Additional Worksite Wellness
Resource Links

Multiple sources 
Healthy Living Newsletter 
This newsletter provides ideas for a healthy workplace
and links to interactive simple solutions.
Get new issues monthly on the American Cancer Society
Workplace Solutions website.
Health Observances 
Lists by month - special days, weeks, or months used
to raise awareness of various health topics 
Physical Activity for a Healthy Weight 
How much physical activity do you need?
How to stay motivated and more. . . (pdf)

Working On Wellness HOME page graphic link

Please note: Websites linked to in the above content are used for informational purposes only.  The Employee Health & Wellness Program does not endorse any product advertised or sold via websites linked to from our pages.