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Division on Deaf and Hard of Hearing

This state office concentrates on helping to improve the lives of Michigan's one million Deaf and Hard of Hearing citizens. Our mission is affirming the indisputable right of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons to secure effective communication. It receives input from its 13-member citizens Advisory Council appointed by the Governor and provides the following services:

Technical Support 

  • Assist deaf and hard of hearing persons with referrals to public or private agencies dealing with their specific problems or concerns.
  • Assist employers, educational institutions, service agencies, and businesses with suggestions to make their programs and services accessible to deaf and hard of hearing persons in compliance with state and federal laws.
  • Analyze legislation and present testimony to the legislature on issues affecting deaf and hard of hearing persons.
  • Assist other state agencies to assure that the needs of deaf and hard of hearing persons are considered in policy development.

Information and Referral Services 

  • Respond to public inquiries about deafness.
  • Provide Orientation to Deaf and Hard of Hearing trainings.
  • Publish The Michigan TTY Service and Interpreter Directory.
  • Maintain and distribute statistical data about deaf and hard of hearing persons.
  • Maintain a statewide list of services for deaf and hard of hearing persons.
  • Refer expert witnesses.
  • Conduct general workshops and seminars.


  • Consult on communication barriers or access related to deaf and hard of hearing persons.
  • Provide information and training on TTYs and signaling devices.
  • Provide information and training on assistive listening devices (ALDs).
  • Loan TTYs or Assistive Listening Devices to government agencies, organizations, and for special events.
  • Maintain a list of trainers for hearing/service dogs.
  • Maintain a list of assistive devices and providers or dealers.

Interpreter Information and Services 

  • Consult with appointing authorities on the need and use of qualified or certified interpreters.
  • Assist state agencies and the public in locating qualified oral and sign language interpreters.
  • Administer the statewide Quality Assurance Interpreter Screening Program as required by the Public Act No. 204 of 1982.
  • Provide technical assistance to interpreters.
  • Conduct interpreter information workshops.
  • Provide interpreting services to state agencies.


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