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Click here for a list of Green Venues Michigan Certified Facilities!

Green Venues Michigan is a statewide "green" certification program for entertainment venues, convention centers, and similar facilities.  It is designed to encourage (and assist) facilities to adopt cost saving, green practices which conserve natural resources and prevent pollution.  It was created by the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor, & Economic Growth (DELEG) and is administered by the Bureau of Energy Systems.  The Green Venues Michigan program was modeled after the Green Lodging Michigan program.

There are three steps to achieving certification.  The first is to submit an application.  The application is a simple one page form that collects basic information on the facility (name, address, date of construction, number of guest rooms, primary contact, etc.).  Step two is to complete and submit the Self-Assessment Checklist.  The checklist consists of several common green practices broken into sections (energy, water, air quality, solid waste, environmental purchasing, etc) and is the document used to tell us all the green things you are doing.  Step three is a site visit to verify the checklist was completed accurately and is only required for facilities seeking certification as a Steward or Leader.  Facilities seeking certification as a Partner will be required to answer some basic questions about their self-assessment checklist via phone or email interview.


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