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Immigration Clerical Assistant Listing

Immigration Clerical Assistants


The Immigration Clerical Assistant Act, Public Act 161 of 2004, was enacted to insure that when the public requires use of an individual to assist them with certain immigration matters they have a listing of bonded and qualified individuals from which to choose.  These individuals are called "Immigration Clerical Assistants."


"Immigration clerical assistant" is defined as any individual providing or offering to provide services, for compensation, relating to any immigration matter.


"Immigration matter" is defined as any matter affecting the immigrant status, nonimmigrant status, or citizenship status of any individual and includes, but is not limited to, federal or state administrative or court proceedings or the filing of accompanying documents in those proceedings or both.


You must be listed with the department as an Immigration Clerical Assistant (ICA) in order to operate as such.  However, the following are exempt from the act and do not require listing as an ICA with the department:


  • an attorney at law licensed to practice law in the United States and his or her legal and other support staff working under his or her direct supervision.
  • a law student or law school graduate not yet admitted to the bar that is supervised by a licensed attorney to practice law in the United States.
  • a reputable individual who has a personal, family, or business relationship with the individual subject to the immigration matter and is engaged in an immigration matter for that individual without compensation.
  • a nonprofit religious, charitable, social service, or similar organization recognized by the board of immigration appeals, and any individual representing such an organization who has been accredited by the board of immigration appeals.
  • any individual representing an organization who performs only the following services in an immigration matter: Translating documents from a language other than English into English; Notarizing signatures; Referring consumers to attorneys; Taking or arranging for the taking of photographs or fingerprints; Arranging for medical testing and assisting with obtaining medical examination results; Conducting English language and civics courses for consumers; Conducting educational or experiential evaluations for consumers.
  • a translation business that meets certain criteria.
  • For complete details refer to the Immigration Clerical Assistant Act.
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