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Renewing a License

All licenses, including individual, shop and schools expire on August 31 of the renewal year. Individual licenses are on a 2 year renewal cycle; school and establishment licenses are on a 1 year renewal cycle.
License Type:



$ 48.00
Instructor & Limited Instructor
Cosmetology Shop & Limited Cosmetology Shop
School of cosmetology - Private

Renewal notification will be sent to each current licensee at the current address on record approximately 30 - 45 days before the expiration date on the license. Once renewals have been mailed active licensees may renew online at

License renewals not received by August 31 can be renewed with submission of the regular renewal fee, plus a $20.00 late fee until October 30. Beginning October 31 of the renewal year the the licensee must apply for relicensure.

All individual licensees and instructors may make address changes online only during renewal time.  If a cosmetology shop or cosmetology school changes locations or owners, the license becomes void; therefore, you DO NOT use a renewal form or the online service.  You DO call our office for a license application package, or download the forms from our site.

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