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LARA - MI Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs | LARA MI Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs | LARA
MI Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs | LARA
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  • RPM Logo
    Reinventing Performance in Michigan

    After nearly three years transforming state government, Michigan has become a leader in implementing positive changes for business. We must continue our momentum to change the reality and perception companies have of Michigan and become a top 10 business-friendly state. >MORE 
  • Tax Tribunal LogoMichigan Tax Tribunal Eliminates 40,000 Case Backlog and Reduces Length of Appeals Process by 50% PDF iconThe Michigan Tax Tribunal has launched several new systems that will make the tax assessment dispute process more user-friendly and transparent for all parties.
  • Reinventing Performance in MichiganRPM Accomplishments PDF iconThe RPM program will continue in three phases until it is eventually implemented in every area of the department, and will then expand to other state agencies.
  • TruckMotor Carrier Licenses Issued 67% Faster PDF iconDue to outdated regulations and processes, companies processing an operating license have historically faced delays in the delivery of their products, costing them revenue and negatively impacting supply chains across industries.
  • UIA LogoUnemployment Tax Filing Process Faster for Businesses PDF iconBefore new businesses start up in Michigan, one of the first items they must check off their to-do list is: register with Michigan's Unemployment Insurance Agency to file tax reports. Traditionally, this has been a frustrating and time-consuming process for many businesses.
  • Health ProfessionalsHealth Professionals Receive Licenses 64% Faster PDF iconThis year, LARA's Bureau of Health Care Services made several improvements to ensure licenses are issued quicker, so health care professionals can provide critical health services sooner.
  • Stack of PapersBusinesses Obtaining Liquor Licenses 176 Days Sooner PDF iconIn the past, businesses that require liquor licenses have experienced too many requests from the Michigan Liquor Control Commission for documents or meetings, ultimately delaying their ability to generate liquor sales.
  • Before & AfterRPM Before & After PDF iconSee how businesses were affected by regulatory barriers prior to RPM, and how today, RPM has made it easier to do business in Michigan.




    Metric Definition

    RPM Surveys

    25% Improvement in Regulatory Climate Perception



    Survey of LARA Business Customers indicated their perception of MI’s regulatory climate improved by 29% since program inception.

    Customer-Facing Forms

    50% of Forms Eliminated/Consolidated



    LARA had 2,259 forms in 2011; 1,296 forms eliminated to date.

    Customer-Facing Regulatory Materials

    100% of Materials Reviewed



    At program inception, LARA had 3,386 customer-facing documents. 3,386 materials reviewed to date.

    Customer Response Time

    50% Improvement in Customer Process Time



    The metric is applied to 37 completed processes.