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Home Front Links

Learn more about life during World War II. Here are some links to things to do, pictures to see and articles to read. We check these sites as often as we can, but we cannot be responsible for their availability or content. If you see problems with response or content at any of these sites, please notify that site's webmaster.

  • Children of World War 2 (BBC Online)
    • What was life like for children in England during the war? These games let you find out about rationing and what a wartime home looked like. Read "Evacuees' Letters," letters from a mother to her daughter who had to leave her home for safety during the war. Go to the "Research Room" for photos, posters, letters, documents and sounds from the war years.
  • Dear Home: Letters from WWII (The History Channel)
    • What was it like to be a soldier in World War II? Read letters sent from battlefronts around the world.
  • Powers of Persuasion: Poster Art from World War II (National Archives and Records Administration)
    • See 33 WWII posters and hear a song. These were meant to make people aware of the need for patriotism during the war.
  • Remember Pearl Harbor (National Geographic)
    • See maps and a time line. Read survivors' stories and learn the history of the December 7, 1941, tragedy that pulled the United States into World War II. You can go on an online expedition, too.
  • Scotland During the Second World War (BBC Online)
    • Be an "enemy spy" and find the clues to learn what life was like in Scotland at home, school, for evacuees, and on the street.
  • World War II Poster Collection (Northwestern University Library)
  • Contact the Michigan Historical Museum.

    • See more than 300 posters from the war. You can search for posters with a certain subject like "Victory Garden" or "children" or "nurses" by typing the word or words in the search box.

Updated 06/23/2010

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