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Prisoner Intake
  • All male and female offenders who are sentenced to prison are taken first to a receiving area or "reception and guidance center" where they are tested, evaluated and classified to the institution to which they will eventually be sent. The receiving process normally takes about 10 days, but prisoners frequently remain in reception units three to five weeks longer while they wait for a cell in the particular prison to which they have been assigned.

    There are two reception areas in the Michigan prison system: the Charles Egeler Reception and Guidance Center, located at the former State Prison of Southern Michigan, is where men over the age of 17, and all male parole violators, are sent. Women are received at the Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility.
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  • The Initial Process When offenders are first brought to the reception centers (normally by county sheriff's deputies), ...>   More
  • Testing All prisoners are given a TB test and a physical, including a blood test for HIV and venereal disease. ...>   More
  • Classification A review is made of all the material collected about the prisoner, including the presentence report. A ...>   More
  • Life in Reception Reception is basically considered "quarantine" because movement for new prisoners is so limited.>   More