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    Interstate Compact Agreement Information

    According to the Interstate Compact Agreement: "Any state (sending state) who is a party to the Compact may permit any probationer/parolee to reside in any other state (receiving state) party to the Compact, while on probation/parole, if:     
    1. such person is in fact a resident of or has family residing within the receiving state and can obtain employment there.  The offender shall have an offer of employment or a visible means of support;
    2. though not a resident of the receiving state and not having family residing there, the receiving state consents to such person being sent."

    The Compact defines a resident as one who has been an actual inhabitant of such state continuously for more that one year prior to coming to the sending state and has not resided within the sending state more than six continuous months immediately preceding the commission of the offense for which the conviction occurred.

    The Compact defines family as parents, grandparents, adult children, adult siblings, legal spouse, legal guardian, and step-parent.

    The state has 45 days to investigate the case for transfer of supervision but that does not include mailing and getting the response back to the sending office.  If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the MDOC Interstate Office at the telephone number/address provided below.

    MDOC Interstate Compact Office
    P.O. Box 30003
    Lansing, MI 
    517-335-1370 telephone
    517-241-5789 fax

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