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    Detroit Reentry Center

    17600 Ryan Road
    Detroit, MI 48212
    TELEPHONE: (313) 368-3200

    Raymond Booker - Warden

    The department first opened Ryan Correctional Facility under the jurisdiction of Correctional Facilities Administration (CFA)in 1991.  Effective October 28, 2012, the facility was repurposed and renamed the Detroit Reentry Center.  It is now under the jurisdiction of Field Operations Administration (FOA).  The Detroit Reentry Center is located on the east side of Detroit on 39 acres, off Ryan Road. The land was previously used by Daimler Chrysler AG to store automobiles.  Detroit Reentry Center houses parolees who are required, as a specific condition of their parole, to participate in and satisfactorily complete reentry programming, as well as parole violators who are believed to have violated a condition of parole and are being considered for parole revocation proceedings or other appropriate action. The center also houses a small population of prisoners.

    The center provides residential reentry programs that parolees are required to satisfactorily complete prior to their release into the community. The center also offers recreational, social, and religious programs to both parolees and prisoners. About 200 community volunteers help staff in providing prisoners with faith-based programming. Health care is provided at the center, the Duane L. Waters Health Care in Jackson, or local hospitals in the event of emergencies.

    Security is provided by two 12-foot fences, electronic detection systems, razor-ribbon wire, gun towers and buffer fencing.

    The intent of the center is to enhance public safety, parole success, and provide prisoners with needed dialysis treatment. 

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