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    The Structure

    The Michigan Department of Corrections is one of the principal state departments. Final responsibility for operation of the department rests with the Governor who appoints the Director, with the advice and consent of the state Senate. The Director serves at the pleasure of the Governor. The Director has full power and authority in the supervision and control of the department's affairs and is its chief administrative officer. The Department Overview is available as a PDF Document by clicking on the link to the right - Organizational Chart.



    The Director is the chief administrative officer of the Department and is responsible for the overall operation of and strategic planning for the Department.  The Director may appoint special assistants to oversee specialized areas within the Department. The Director's Office includes the following:


    The Executive Bureau, which includes the Office of Public Information and Communications.





    The Chief Deputy Director reports to the Director and is responsible for daily operations.   All Deputy Directors report to the Chief Deputy Director. The Office of the Chief Deputy Director includes the following:

    The Legislative Affairs Section, Internal Affairs Division, the Employee Discipline Unit and the Bureau of Health Care Services.  



    CFA is headed by a Deputy Director who reports to the Chief Deputy Director.  The CFA Deputy Director is responsible for the operation of all correctional institutions operated by the Department and supervises the following:           


    Assistant Deputy Directors, who are responsible for oversight of CFA institutions as determined by the CFA Deputy Director. Each CFA institution is administered by a Warden, who reports to an Assistant Deputy Director. The Warden is responsible for the overall operation of the institution.

    The Absconder Recovery Unit, which locates and arrests escapees and parole and probation violators.


    The Operations Division, which is responsible for providing programming support to CFA institutions.  Included in the Division are the following:


    The Office of Employment Readiness, the Central Records Section, the Classification and Placement Section, the Emergency Management Section, the Offender Reentry Section, the Transportation Section, the Performance Audit Coordinator, the Special Activities Coordinator and the Department's Honor Guard Unit.




    FOA is headed by a Deputy Director, who reports to the Chief Deputy Director.  The FOA Deputy Director is responsible for the management and operation of all facilities, services, and programs in FOA and for providing investigative support, information, and sentencing recommendations to the courts in criminal cases. The FOA Deputy Director supervises the following:


    Regional Administrators, who are responsible for oversight of field operations for parole and probation in geographic regions as determined by the FOA Deputy Director. Regional Administrators are responsible for operations within their respective regions, including new program implementation and administration of adult felony probation services, and parole supervision.  Regional Administrators are responsible for all staff assigned to their respective regions and for enforcement of applicable Department policies and procedures in their respective regions.


    The Office of Parole and Probation Services - which includes the Office of Community Corrections, the Offender Reentry Unit, the Parole Services Section, the Program Services Section, and the Electronic Monitoring Center.


    The Parole Board - which is comprised of ten members appointed by the Director, one of whom is designated as the Chairperson.  The Chairperson is responsible for the management and operation of the Board.  The Chairperson also supervises the Office of the Parole Board.




    BOA is headed by a Deputy Director, who reports to the Chief Deputy Director.  The BOA Deputy Director provides oversight of all Central Office staff support functions and provides internal organizational support to the Department's operational units.  The BOA Deputy Director also provides Department oversight of all human resource services, including services related to equal employment opportunity and allegations of discriminatory harassment provided to Department staff by the Civil Service Commission.  The Deputy Director supervises the following:

    Fiscal Management (including the Budget and Projections Division, the Finance Division, and the Physical Plant Division), the Bureau of Human Resources, the Office of Legal Affairs, the Office of Research and Planning, the Training Division, and the Labor Relations Section.

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